SCU 200 Box   610


Tool monitoring and control systems for presses 

The SPP 610 monitors and controls a variety of processes of tools and presses. The commissioning is realised with control cams. The SPP 610 is thus suitable for application to eccentric as well as hydraulic presses.
Machine protection is realised by means of maximum value limits and process-oriented envelope curve monitoring.
Tool protection by digital sensors detects feeder and parts ejection errors as well as strip ends.
By the application of acoustic and force sensors, punching breakages and stamping waste can be detected and bending and shaping operations can be monitored reliably.
By the integration of a Siegfried oiling system, the SPP 610 is upgraded to a central monitoring and control unit for your machine.



Performance characteristics

  • 12" display with touch screen
  • Menu and Help system in various languages
  • Saving of any amount of tool data
  • 6 digital monitoring inputs
  • 8 analogue monitoring inputs