Controlling and monitoring systems for stamping


For over 45 years now, Siegfried AG has been supplying the stamping industry with controlling, monitoring, sensor and oiling systems, in short: with components required for economic and efficient production.


Due to our extensive experience in stamping and forming technology, we are readily able to provide you with solutions, perfectly tailored to your needs. Our products result from intensive collaboration with our customers. We are at home in the world of stamping technology and, due to our innovative solutions, we have built ourselves an excellent reputation throughout Europe.


Your problem is our challenge! You will discover that we are a business partner who speaks your language, understands your problems, and – above all – who will find the best solution for you.


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January 1st, 1972
Foundation of the company, Heinz Siegfried Elektrotechnik in Murten, Switzerland.

The first tool-monitoring device, the "Siegfried Monitor, SM3C", is launched.


The product range is complemented by the first tools for strip lubrication.


Inauguration of the new company building in Aarberg.


The "Siegfried Press Processor, SPP 500" is the first device on the market, which significantly reduces conversion costs by means of automatic programming of control inputs. The so-called "auto-set technology" remains unrivalled for decades and is still considered the benchmark in the industry.


Construction of a new company building. Extension of the floor space to 3,100m2.


First talks and beginning of the sustained partnership with the company, Vester Elektronik, in Straubenhardt, Germany.


By means of the newly developed "SMS 100" system, a variety of functions related to the stamping process is realised as a modular system. Similar to the hardware, the software can now also be perfectly tailored according to varied customer requirements.



The success story of the compact, low-cost, minimum-quantity lubrication system, the "Striplube", commences. The device was sold thousandfold and its latest version is still in high demand.


Our tried and tested modular system, marketed as the "Siegfried Advanced System, SAS", is made compatible with Windows computer programmes.
The SAS is the first computer system in the industry, and therefore attracts much attention at its presentation at the EuroBLECH.
The SAS is a huge success from the outset and – due to consistent development over the years – it is presently the central and most important carrier of our product range.


Heinz Siegfried sells the company in the course of succession to long-time employees, Adrian Probst and Klaus Schmid. Probst acquires a majority stake of 70%.


The "Siegfried Press Processor, SPP 700" is the first device which is based on industrial computer hardware, which Siegfried itself developed and manufactured.
Ever since, own industrial computers are exclusively utilised for our devices, so as to ensure long-term maintenance and spare parts supply.


The SAS is enhanced by a "Press Control" module. It is now possible to realise all press functions and peripherals by means of a single control system.
The system is used for comprehensive solutions in new presses, as well as for the renovation of used machines.


Roland Jost takes Klaus Schmid's seat on the Executive Board upon the latter's retirement.


For the first time, by means of the patented "Lube Cube", we present a completely newly developed SAL lubrication system.
Our extensive experience with modular and computer-based solutions is thus also applied to lubrication systems.


Founding of a subsidiary in Monheim am Rhein, Germany.


Porting our "Siegfried Advanced Software, SAS" on 64-bit architecture and Windows 10; thereby providing the system with a highly effective long-term basis.


Extension of our subsidiary in Germany and moving to larger premises in Langenfeld.














sm3c   1972:   SM3C



spraymatic   1978:   Spraymatic



spp 500   1986:   SPP 500



sms100   1991:   SMS 100



Pressensteuerung   2006:   Press Control



LubeCube   2012:   Lube Cube



win10   2016:   SAS